Wednesday, August 7, 2013

55 Word Challenge: Week Sixty-Nine

Welcome back to #55WordChallenge!
For those that are uninitiated, the 55 Word Challenge is a contest to write a story in 55 words or less. Not an easy task, but fun and I have been blown away by some of the entries. See for yourself, past contests can be found here. (I am a bit behind in getting this updated.) The challenge begins at noon Eastern time every Wednesday and ends at noon Thursday. The story is based on one of three photo prompts. My only request is no porn. I don't want to hear graphic details. If it is erotic, make it titillating, not obscene. I know that can be done and done well.
The story is to be posted in the comment section below, along with your twitter handle or email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner.
And what does the winner get? Besides bragging rights? This badge, which can proudly be displayed on your blog or website. You can even have it tattooed onto your body, but that might be a little weird.  
If anyone is interested in contributing a prize, a book, cover art, whatever you want, let me know and we will work something out. If you are an artist that would like to have your work featured, let me know!
Photo Prompt:
Hauling Traps

Overcast Sky




  1. Quite A Catch

    Zeke’s gaze scanned to the west and he growled with frustration. The fog showed no signs it would break any more today than it had all week.

    Pulling his last trap aboard, he grinned at the contents. As mermaids went, she wasn’t especially curvaceous or alluring, but she did have her an awful purty mouth.

    55 words @klingorengi

    1. Apt title and a cute little story. I liked that you humanized the mermaid.

  2. "From Trap to Pot"
    by Dr. Mike Reddy (@doctormikereddy) [55 words]

    Elana Jane had a lot to answer for. We'd had fun as kids. Kids ended all that. Kids and bills.

    Lobsters enter the pots willingly, then can't escape. So it was with me and Elana Jane. Sure, we still had fun now and again, but I couldn't help feeling I was in the boiling pan.

    1. Excellent use of the prompt. Initially, I was a bit unsure which photo you had used. The reference to lobsters threw me off. When I read the next story, and saw the name Elena Jane again, I looked up all three photos and figured out.

    2. The boat is a lobster boat. I should know. My Dad used to take me out fishing as a child. If you click on the images, you get extra data on them; useful for ideas sometimes.

  3. The fishermen saw me fall in. This is unfortunate. They don’t come in after me, nor do they call anyone. I sink as they look, point and talk.

    It was a mistake chancing the storm, hurrying so carelessly. Elana Jane drifts by atop the waves. Is she like me?

    Or is she just a boat?

    55 words

  4. The skies above the fishing village of Vuohenraiskaaja, Finland were overcast at 6 P.M. on August 6.
    The little Danish lobster fishing boat Elana Jane’s crew was the first to notice a titanic body floating in the water.
    About fifteen minutes later, fishermen on the shoreline were astounded when another giant body washed inland.

    54 words

  5. The Ominous Sky

    She lied to her mother. Her heart beat so hard, that she almost confessed, but the monsoon skies held a promise that she couldn’t resist. It was an enchanted evening by the lakeside. However, it meant a lot more to her than it did to him. Perhaps, the sky was just ominous and not enchanted.

    55 words

  6. “Captain, I see her!”

    One of Wilson’s men pointed through the fog. The Elana Jane had been reported missing two days ago. Everyone thought that the small shrimping boat had met with a bad end on rough waters.

    “Is there anyone aboard?”

    “I don’t see anyone. There’s some kind of slime all over the ship.”

    55 words

  7. Power Play

    The clouds swirled and writhed, coalescing into darkness. A darkness so deep and heavy it robbed color from the world.

    I felt a pull. First a light breeze, then a whipping wind. I grabbed hold of a tree before my feet were pulled toward the sky.

    A rumble overhead, “Let go!”

    “Say please.”

    Sigh. “Please?”

    55 words

  8. The turbulent clouds above Mirja’a matched her mood. The desert terrain of the Strijela did not see cloud cover often. When it did appear, no good came out of it. This was not a positive omen.

    Dam Her’at! He already paid for his treachery, but the consequences of his choices still remained to be seen.

    55 Words