Wednesday, June 19, 2013

55 Word Challenge: Week Sixty-Two


Welcome back to #55WordChallenge! No guest judge this week, so you are stuck with me.

For those that are uninitiated, the 55 Word Challenge is a contest to write a story in 55 words or less. Not an easy task, but fun and I have been blown away by some of the entries. See for yourself, past contests can be found here. (I am a bit behind in getting this updated.) The challenge begins at noon Eastern time every Wednesday and ends at noon Thursday. The story is based on one of three photo prompts. My only request is no porn. I don't want to hear graphic details. If it is erotic, make it titillating, not obscene. I know that can be done and done well.
The story is to be posted in the comment section below, along with your twitter handle or email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner.

And what does the winner get? Besides bragging rights? This badge. 
What? You want more? Well how about THIS?
Until Death Voodoo Doll Necklace

Isn't it adorable? I will need the winner's address so I can ship it direct from Amazon. If you don't want to supply an address, you could go and put it on your Amazon wishlist, send me the link and I can gift it that way.

If anyone is interested in contributing a prize, a book, cover art, whatever you want, let me know and we will work something out. If you are an artist that would like to have your work featured, let me know!
Photo Prompt:


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    Why didn’t humans read the fine print on their Cat Owner’s Manual? Bringing home a puppy was expressly forbidden, locking kitty out of the house because puppy was a urinating coward was treason, and punishment for either was neither swift nor sweet. Fortunately, Brutus was well equipped to dispense justice with his Southpaw of Retribution.

    - - - - -
    55 Words / @bullishink

  2. Consequences

    David did his level best to keep running despite his arthritic knees and the wheezes of his geriatric lungs.

    He was very confused but knew he must find his buddy Luke and show him the rumors of bad things happening to people who slept in the creepy old house were not just “silly spook stories”

    55 words @klingorengi

  3. "And for my next trick..." Tibbles climbed onto the fence surrounding his owner's yard. "The tightrope!"
    Soft circus music played in his furry head as he began to walk across.
    He feigned a slip, imagining a hushed crowd.
    Ta-da! With a slight hop and a celebratory flick of his tail, he reached the other side.

    55 words @bookwormattack

    Totally thought of the circus when I saw this kitty. Haha

  4. As we started toward the trucks, I noticed a cat on the roof of the cabin, watching me. The man waved at the cat. “One of Taran’s friends, checking to see everything’s OK.”

    The woman in lingerie smiled, “He’ll be expecting us.”

    The man laughed, “So will Alice.”

    I had to ask, “Who is Taran?”

    55 words

  5. The wind tugged at Kirk’s bushy white beard as he hurried past the school. He felt everyone watching his old, fat body rush by. Pulling the brim of his hat low, he cursed himself for missing his stop and having to walk this route.

    “Santa? Is that Santa?” a kid shouted.

    Kirk began to run.

    55 words @hlpauff

  6. Colour had been banished and was nothing but a faded memory in surviving centenarian’s minds. Colour slowly leeched out of existence when mother earth’s calls for help were ignored.
    Her final vengeance came in colour, lots of it. Royal blue burned the sky, and everyone beneath, as copper ammonium rained down from her unforgiving heavens.

    (55 Words)