Wednesday, June 26, 2013

55 Word Challenge: Week Sixty-Three


Welcome back to #55WordChallenge!
For those that are uninitiated, the 55 Word Challenge is a contest to write a story in 55 words or less. Not an easy task, but fun and I have been blown away by some of the entries. See for yourself, past contests can be found here. (I am a bit behind in getting this updated.) The challenge begins at noon Eastern time every Wednesday and ends at noon Thursday. The story is based on one of three photo prompts. My only request is no porn. I don't want to hear graphic details. If it is erotic, make it titillating, not obscene. I know that can be done and done well.
The story is to be posted in the comment section below, along with your twitter handle or email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner.

And what does the winner get? Besides bragging rights? This badge, which can proudly be displayed on your blog or website. You can even have it tattooed onto your body, but that might be a little weird.  
If anyone is interested in contributing a prize, a book, cover art, whatever you want, let me know and we will work something out. If you are an artist that would like to have your work featured, let me know!
Photo Prompt:



  1. Frozen Horror

    “Dudes, I don’t care how many herring they have. Do not go any closer. I’m telling you those are the exact same two-legged, fish-flinging, parka-wearing…bastards that were here last season. Remember Hugo…or Wanda…or Dave? They’re gone…all gone, man!”

    Despite his impassioned pleas, Dexter watched in mute horror as his friends waddled away to their doom.

    55 words @klingorengi

  2. Jodi kept looking over her shoulder sure someone was behind her. She didn’t like it; the underground was too quiet, even for this late hour. As the escalator took her up, she turned to face the top, to light and salvation. Then a face appeared, and a man was revealed. His grin made her shudder.

    55 Words

  3. Always escalator vertigo. Always too fast. Looks up; avoids; holds the rail with knuckle-white hands clenched in fear.

    Late train. Waiting. Too long.

    Warning rumble. Concussive blast ruffles her hair before it makes her fly.

    The ceiling collapses above her; all is silent.

    The stairs keep going, up and up and up to heaven.

    54 words

  4. Last Man Out

    Where were they?
    “G-Get away. I’ll call the police!”
    “..olice... lice...” Shiny echoes mocked his squeaky bluster.
    The top of the static escalator receded from his puffing ascent.
    Behind him!
    Scrabbling towards the exit.
    “Hey! Old man! Want a hand?”
    In front!
    A dripping limb was proffered.
    Lights winked out.
    He retched in the gloom.

    55 words

  5. Not With A Bang...

    He strolled away, resolved. The bag was placed. The timer set.
    Mankind was parasitic, a toxic aberration. If enough of them could be contaminated, eliminated, the environment would reassert itself. Balance would return. Gaia would enfold us in her arms again. He recalled a childhood image – the last penguins - and wept for ravaged nature.

    55 words


    Janice knew she heard Alice's voice in the echoing underground. But it was impossible. Her daughter was gone, months ago—her bloom of youth drowned.


    Janice spun, heel slipping, knee slamming into shining tile. Nothing.


    She tripped one last time, scarf tangled in the escalator.


    Alice stood at the top, hand outstretched.

    55 w/o title


    Ben's Journal: March 3, 1987

    It's been fun with my family. I was adopted three years ago and they have been one of my favorites. Unfortunately, the end always comes.

    As I write this from my window seal I'm looking down at my mom and dad lying on the floor. Today they learned I am Vampire.

    Shane Woolard

    54 words