Saturday, May 25, 2013

Excerpt: Mortuary Mama

I need to apologize. I have been negligent lately in writing and posting Flash Fiction… but I have an excuse. I have been busy writing. A few of my projects got pushed back, such as Fallout, while I work on Marked:First Bitten. I’m nearing the end, YAY, and have a special treat coming out on Monday. A new collection of short stories that got started because of RuthLong. Someone refered to her as #MortuaryMama, (mainly because she works in the most fun place in the world to work… a mortuary,) and that got me to thinking. So I started writing Mortuary Mama for Mother’s Day. Only I didn’t finish it on time. So I decided to aim for Memorial Day and have added a few more flash stories to the mix. The collection is Mortuary Horror. Now you can buy it when it comes out on Monday, or I can send you a free pdf copy. To get a free copy go here, buy one of the books listed and send the proof of purchase to
Here is an excerpt from Mortuary Mama
The door opened and Kenny stood glowering in front of Franklin. Behind him, a young girl sat on the couch. She was staring into space, unaware of her surroundings. She was naked and evidence of Kenny’s feeding covered her body, yet the couch and Kenny remained clean. Unlike his brothers, Kenny didn’t like to make a mess when he ate. Franklin looked at the girl and felt his stomach rumble in protest. He was still hungry, even after having devoured the Baker man’s face.
“So what did you do?” Kenny asked.
Franklin looked away from the girl and back at his brother. Kenny’s eyes were black with fury. He backed away nervously. “Nu… nothing.”
“You said mother was angry. Usually that means you screwed something up and I have to fix it.”
“The newest body… apparently he has people that want to view his, uh, remains.”
“Okay. Why would mother be angry about that? It happens, no big deal. Just stick him in a coffin and once the funeral is over, we’ll switch his body out for some rocks.”
Kenny began to shut the door and Franklin began to fear he’d have to go back and face mother alone. “I’ve already eaten from him.” His words came out in a rush as he hurried to express to his brother just what he had done.
“You already ate from him?”
“And they want an open casket.”
Kenny looked back at the girl on the couch. She was rubbing her breasts, stimulated by the scene he had put in her mind. He hated it when his meal fought back. It was messy. Always easier when his prey didn’t know they were dying.
“Will the constraint last until you come back?” Franklin asked.
“No. I have to be in close proximity.”
“Seems a shame to let her go to waste.”
Kenny sighed. “You can go ahead and finish her, just clean up afterwards, okay?”
Franklin looked at the girl, longingly. “Are you sure?”
Shrugging, Kenny pushed his brother into the room. “There’s no reason for you to come with me, in fact seeing you might only infuriate her further.”
Franklin approached the girl as the door clicked shut behind him. She was staring at Franklin, a puzzled look on her face. She’d been in the process of rubbing her clitoris and had been nearing an orgasm when the door shut, blocking her from Franklin’s control. Her breathing was labored as fear replaced yearning and she saw the blood covering her body.
“Wh… where am I?”
Franklin didn’t answer her, grinning as he climbed onto the couch and reached for her. She tried to run. Franklin liked it when they tried to run… fear made the flesh taste better. Her screams filled the room and then stopped as he tore into her throat.


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