Monday, February 4, 2013

#MondayMixer In Search of Happiness

So it is once again Monday Mixer. I've decided to highlight the words in red because I was told that there was absolutely no way I could work in all 9 words. Yes, I enjoy proving him wrong. Is that wrong?
In Search of Happiness
By Lisa McCourt Hollar
His wife said money couldn’t buy happiness. Theo disagreed. Money from her life insurance bought him a cabana in the Caribbean. He deposited his wife’s ashes in the rill that ran behind his new home, as well as the ruby cabochon she’d always worn. He chuckled at the irony… she’d wanted to take a cruise to the Islands; now she would forever be an intrinsic part of the scenery. When he grew bored with exotic women, Theo bought a patisserie in the South of France. 
It was there his wife’s sister found him. If he had considered his wife querulous, Helen was even more so. Her bellicose nature wouldn’t accept Emma’s death as an accident and she hounded him relentlessly. He had no choice but to resort to murder... again. 
Her sclera turned red with asphyxiation, reminding him of Emma’s brooch. So he ground her eye out with a pestle.

Word Count: 150



  1. Holy crap!!! This is freaking awesome!!! Nine prompts and a kickass story to boot!!! ;)

  2. I bow down to you for this one! Fantastic and works perfectly Lisa!