Sunday, January 6, 2013

365 Days of Zombie: Day 5

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Crazy Ass People Trying to Eat Us
By Lisa McCourt Hollar
“What are they doing?”
Letting the curtain fall, Stanley moved away from the window and sat on the couch next to Gloria. He took her hand, but she pulled it away, still angry with him, even though death stood outside their door… literally.
Trying not to let his fear show he said, “They’re just walking around right now. I think their waiting for people to come out of their houses. So far no one has since Gladys Larson.”
Gloria closed her eyes, remembering the old woman’s screams. “This is bad, Stan. What do you think happened? Why is everyone acting insane?”
“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “bath salts maybe. Remember that guy in Florida?”
“I thought they said it wasn’t bath salts.”
“Shit, Gloria, you can’t believe everything you hear,” Stan scoffed. “The government lies to people. They don’t want panic to hit the streets.”
“They kind of missed the boat with this one then.”
Gloria leaned back against the couch and covered her eyes with her hands. Stan reached out to put his arms around her, but she just shrugged him off.
“Gloria, I didn’t cheat on you, I promise. Dolores did hit on my, but I turned her down. If Angie had stuck around, she could have told you that, instead of running off and making you mad at me.”
Gloria sighed. “I don’t think now is the time.”
“And when will be the time, Gloria?  We’ve got crazy ass people outside trying to eat us.”
Gloria moved her hands from her face and looked at Stanley.  “Well certainly not when there are crazy ass people outside, trying to eat us,” she snapped. “And what if they get inside?”
 A loud crash at the door answered her and she screamed, grabbing hold of Stan’s arm... “Stanley, their trying to get in!”
“They can’t,” he said. “The doors solid.”
“What about the windows?”
The words were barely out of her mouth when a head came through the glass, followed by arms and a torso. It was Dolores’s boyfriend, Rick. Gloria screamed again, gripping his arm even tighter.
“Let go, Gloria,” Stan said, shaking her off. “Run upstairs and lock yourself in the bedroom.”
Picking up the baseball bat he’d kept close since they’d locked themselves in the house, Stan turned towards the window and prepared to swing it at Rick’s head.
“I never did like you,” he said, connecting wood with skull. Rick’s head caved and the grunting noise he’d been making stopped. A moment later the sound was replaced by sirens coming down the street. Stan looked out the window and saw an ambulance trying to make its way down the road. There were about a dozen of those crazy ass people surrounding the vehicle, trying to get to those inside.
Gloria sounded frightened and Stan’s heart nearly stopped. Had one of the crazies gotten inside?
“I’m coming, Gloria.” Gripping the bat tight in his hand, Stan took the steps two at a time. “What’s the matter, Gloria?”
Stan rounded the corner and ran into the bedroom. Gloria was standing at the window, looking out.
“What is it,” he asked again.
She just pointed and said, “Look.”
Stan looked out the window. A house a few doors down was on fire, flames were shooting from the windows and around the house, the grass was on fire. A zombified body ran around the yard, apparently it didn’t have enough sense to stop, drop and roll.
“Damn, Frank must have used his flame thrower to try and kill that thing. Stan wasn’t comfortable with calling another human a thing, but he wasn’t yet ready to call it a zombie. There had to be another explanation. Maybe some kind of an odorless gas in the air? Since the person was burned too badly to tell who it was, Stan decided thing would do.
The fire reached the next house, leaving a small duplex between them and the flames.
“I don’t think the fire department is going to be responding,” Stan said.
Gloria shook her head. She thought about her daughter. She’d gone to the school that morning to work on an art project. Was she okay? An explosion a few blocks away rattled the windows, pulling her from her thoughts. She pulled on Stan’s arm. “We need to get out of here.”
Stan looked back at the fire. He knew she was right. It had been a dry winter and the grass was quick to burn. The flames were spreading fast. Then he looked down at the ground and saw what was waiting for them below… more crazy ass people wanting to eat them. And if they wanted out of the house, they were going to have to go through them.

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