Thursday, January 3, 2013

365 Days of Zombie: Day 3

This is my entry for #ThursThreads (the first 248 Words). It is also my day 3 for 365 Days of Zombie.
Zombie Hell
By Lisa McCourt Hollar
“Saul. Is something bothering you?”
Saul Joseph looked up from his musings. He’d been walking down the school corridor deep in thought, oblivious to those around him. School wasn’t officially back in session, Christmas break didn’t end for a few more days. Mr. Morrison had asked him to come in early to work on a mural. He’d almost said no… SHE was going to be there too.
“I just want to be friends.” Those words haunted him all through Christmas break. He’d poured his heart out to her the last day of school, only to have her reject him. And then just the night before he’d seen her at the bowling alley with Chris Evans. CHRIS of all people. If she knew the stories he told in the locker room. Saul wanted to warn her, but was afraid it would come out as jealousy.
Heck, he was jealous, he admitted to himself.
“Saul?” Mr. Morrison smiled at him. Most teachers acted like they didn’t care about what went on in their student’s lives, but not Morris, as some of the kids referred to him.
“Well,” he started, and then stopped. This was uncomfortable. Embarrassing.
“I can take a guess. It’s a female?”
Saul blushed. “There’s this girl, you see…” He paused. How could he explain it? His words come out in a rush. “She’s the most beautiful creature ever! She’s smart and goofy and she makes me feel…” he paused again. He didn’t know how to describe the emotions he felt when he looked at her. Then from behind Morris he saw her, running full tilt towards them”
“Rayne, slow down,” Morris said, putting his arms out to stop her.
“Run!” Rayne didn’t slow down as she passed their teacher, but she reached out and grabbed hold of Saul’s hand, pulling him along with him. Saul’s heart soared and he felt a shiver run through his body at her touch. Turning, she looked behind her and yelled for Mr. Morris to run.
The teacher just stood there, looking at her, confused and Saul wondered what was wrong. Rayne seemed terrified, but there was no reason for this. And then he saw why. Kevin Martin rounded the corner and he looked…deformed. His head lolled to the side and his leg was bent, as though it were broken.
“Kevin, what happened to you?” Morris reached out, wanting to help the boy. Kevin grabbed the teachers arm and bit into him, ripping off a large chunk of flesh.
“Oh my God!” Saul moved to try and help the art teacher, but Kevin already had him on the ground, and was tearing into his neck.
“What’s going on?” He asked Rayne as she continued to pull him down the hall.
“Freaking zombies! It’s started. My mom always said it would and she was right.”
Saul followed after her, his mind trying to process what she had just told him. The Zombie Apocalypse? Hell. Then he smiled. He would gladly follow Rayne into hell.

Word Count: 499

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