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Terrifying Teddies: Rob M. Miller

Terrifying Teddies
Rob M. Miller

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of Terrifying Teddies, the third in the Satan's Toybox Anthology series, then maybe Rob M. Miller can persuade you to give the book a go. Rob is one of the authors that is involved and has been involved in several other anthologies I am included in. I am in awe, not only of his writing ability but his editing skills as well. He recently took a look at one of my stories before I submitted it and I can only say that he took my words and made them better.
Story Excerpt from "Satan's Toybox: Terrifying Teddies.

Mr. Twinx
By Rob M. Miller

“You did all this for me?” Stealing a quick glance at Ms. Parker, Annabelle could tell even the nanny was stunned. “I … I’m so….” She fanned herself with a hand.
Mr. Tchort reached into a pocket and pulled out a teddy-decorated hanky, and handed it to the girl. “Yes, of course. You’re an arctophile.”
“You’re an arctophile!”
Laughter. “An arctophile? A lover and collector of teddy bears? Yes, I suppose I am. And you are more than welcome. We wanted you to have the largest choice possible to choose from.” He took a knee in front of the girl, and then, almost in a whisper: “And you may take all the time you need.”


About the Fabulist:
With a love for reading and writing that started in his youth, Rob has traveled far to get to the place where he can now concentrate on breaking into the horror market.
Born and raised in the “micro-hood” of Portland, Oregon, he grew up as the oldest of three children, the son of a book-lover and a book-hater.
out honorably from the U.S. Army, has taught martial arts, worked security, video store clerked, done window washing, tire retreading, and store stocking. With writing, it was after two years of free-lance stringer work, and a number of publishing credits, that he tired of non-fiction and decided to use his love of the dark, personal terrors, and talent with words to do something more beneficial for his fellow man–
Over the years, he has been victimized by violent attackers, has victimized violent attackers, has enlisted and mustered
You can find Rob at his official site: Out of the Mind... the Jagged Darkness.
Terrifying Teddies can be found at Amazon in both Kindle and paperback version, on Barnes and Noble for Nook, on Kobo and on Smashwords.

Other Satan's Toybox Anthologies include Demonic Dolls and Toy Soldiers.

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  1. So honored to be featured. Many thanks. And to prove it, here's an inside tip with something not told in the story:

    Tchort is Russian for "Satan," "black demon" or "black god."

    For all you dark fiction, Satan's Toybox, and Lisa Hollar fan's out there, thank you, too!

    You're what it's all about.

    All my best,

    Rob M. Miller