Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coffin Hop Winners and Zombie Run Winners

Note: If you have won a magnet I need an address or PO Box to mail to you. If you haven’t already, send email with your address to with the subject line COFFIN HOP. If you won a book I need an email addy to send you the coupon code.

Coffin Hop Winners

Winners of No Zombies Allowed (Using the roll of a random die generator)

Heather Powers, Julianne Snow, Meg McNulty

Winners of Monsters!
Meg McNulty, David Ludwig, Stacey Turner

Jezri’s Nightmares Coffin Hop Magnets:


1.       Jason Darrik (Commenting)

2.       Dan Dillard (For Interview)

3.       @SareeseFeet  (55WordChallenge)

4.       Nellie @solimond (55WordChallenge)

5.       Sam @writesidemama  (55WordChallenge)

6.       Ellaine Hillson @tollykit (55WordChallenge)

7.       Anne Michaud @annecmichaud (55WordChallenge)

8.       David Ludwig @DavidALudwig  (55WordChallenge

9.       Anna @annaban  (55WordChallenge)

10.   theunderwriter36 (55WordChallenge)

11.   Heather Powers @earthwindwalker (55WordChallenge)

12.   Vicki Trask @vatrask (55WordChallenge)

13.   Michela Walters @michelawalters (55WordChallenge)

14.   L.T. Dalin @ChessnySilth (55WordChallenge and MondayMixer)

15.   Rachelle (55WordChallenge)

16.   Lissa Jean @lissajean7 (55WordChallenge)

17.   Gina (55WordChallenge)

18.   Milo James Fowler @mfowler76 (55WordChallenge)

19.   Laura James @lejamez  (55WordChallenge and MondayMixer)

20.    Mark Ethridge @LurchMunster (55WordChallenge and MondayMixer)

21.   A.F. Stewart @scribe77 (55WordChallenge)

22.   Siobhan Muir @SiobhanMuir (55WordChallenge)

23.   Erik Gustafson @ErikTiger (Guest judge and artist 55WordChallenge)

24.   The Happy Horror Writer Aniko (commenting)

25.   Timothy Hobbs (for interviewing)

26.   erma2167 (Commenting)

27.   Miranda Kate @PurpleQueenNL (MondayMixer and 55WordChallenge)

28.   Christopher Blanchard @BlanchardAuthor (55WordChallenge and  MondayMixer)

29.   Jeff Xilon (for entering MondayMixer)

30.   Dr. Magoo @drmagoo (for entering MondayMixer)

31.   Olivia Grambo (55WordChallenge)

32.   @LacrimosaMoon1 (55WordChallenge)

33.   Lisa Shambrook @LastKrystallos (55WordChallenge)

34.   Robin Abess @Angelique_Rider (55WordChallenge)

35.   Rebecca Grace Allen @RGraceAllen (55WordChallenge)

36.   Lupus Anthrapos @lupusanthrapos (55WordChallenge)


Zombie Run Winners:

Everyone that entered gets a magnet. I need an address to send these to. If I don’t already have your address please email to and put Zombie Run in the subject line. Since there were 11 entries I decided everyone gets a book… I will send the book to you through DM on twitter. If you don’t follow me and don’t want to… *sob*… you can send me your email addy and I will send the coupon code there.  Also I have 3 Honorable Mentions and an Overall Winner that I have Award Badges for. Please let me know where to send these. (Email) Thank you all for entering! I had a lot of fun reading these.

Ruth Long @bullishink (No Zombies Allowed)

David Ludwig @DavidALudwig (Undead Ahead)

Lizzie Loodles @Lizzie_Loodles (Undead Ahead)

Miranda Kate @PurpleQueenNL (No Zombies Allowed)

J. Whitworth Hazzard @zombiemechanics (Undead Ahead)

Nick Johns @nickjohns999 (Undead Ahead)

Emily Walker @authorewalker (No Zombies Allowed)

Leo Godin @Leo_Godin (Undead Ahead)

Lisa Shambrook @LastKrystallos (No Zombies Allowed)

Nellie @solimond (No Zombies Allowed)

Laura James @lejamez (Undead Ahead)

Honorable Mentions:

Overall Winner:


  1. Thank you for the fun Zombie Run contest!

  2. Sent email and got copy of your book! Just in time for dark, cold nights...

  3. I think I emailed it to you but I might be crazy. Let me know if I'm both or just crazy.

  4. Vicki, I didn't get yours. :(