Monday, November 12, 2012


This is my entry for Monday Mixer. Now last week Jeff, (my husband who runs the contest,) told me that it would be impossible to use all 9 words. I did. So this week he said he would guarantee I couldn't use all 9 words. The words, of which I only need to use 3, 1 from each catagory... 5 if I want to qualify for the overachiever award... are: Locations: ziggurat 2) storefront 3) hilltop Things: 1) vitriol 2) wombat 3) hoplon and Adjectives: 1) sagacious 2) insensate 3)willful. I used all 9 words. When will he ever learn?

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

“What is a hoplon doing in a ziggurat?”
“Don’t be a smart ass,” Daryl said, looking over his glasses at his wife.
“I prefer the term, sagacious.” Smirking, Carole set the ancient replica back onto the miniature hillside. Turning her attention to the old ghost town she popped one of his chocolates into her mouth.  When Daryl had first begun his hobby… reconstructing history, she’d thought it would be fun… until he began spending all of his time in the basement.
“The storefront is crooked.” She winced, realizing how bitchy the vitriol sounded. “I’m sorry, that was…”
“I was going to say willful” Carole paused. Why did it sound like a wombat screeching in her ear? Then the floor rose to meet her and all was silent.
Daryl smiled. He’d had to poison all of the chocolates, but he knew she couldn’t resist. Now he could finally be alone.
Word Count: 150


  1. Ha ha, I actually feel sorry for her though!

  2. Lisa, I LOVE this story. I also love show-offs. This was a brilliant combo of both. Awesome.

    1. Sorry, Rebekah Postupak here. Wasn't trying to be mysterious.

  3. I just love proving him wrong. I was chuckling whilst I typed and Jeff kept saying, "I'm telling you, it can't be done." And I just kept chuckling and saying, "Yeah, well we will see." I'm evil that way.